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finishing the fretboard

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I am in the process of finishing my first solid body guitar , I put a MOP inlay on the fingerboard, and I am finishing the neck in shellac.

I was planning to fret the fingerboard tomorrow , but I was wondering if it would be better to finish it with wax or oil before fretting, or just simply sand it well , clean it with a cloth and fret it up.........? the fingerboard is of rosewood.

Another question is to use glue douring fretting, if yes wich will do : crazyglue or vinilic?

Thanks :D

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One thing that I have come to know (through mistakes, of course) is that you should try to do all of your finish sanding on the fretboard before fretting. I have found that if you try to buff it to a nice shine (above 800), you will not be able to get the areas close to the frets. It's very noticable to me - the line between the shiny areas and the areas left dull (along the frets).

If you shine it up before fretting, you can still do more finish sanding later but at least you'll have a good base near the frets that won't show.

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I checked out the WARMOTH site, and the have exactly the model (schaller locking) i was looking for ! :-)

(BTW I am Rob merlino , just changed name in my regular nick)

I'll place an order , today I bought 2 blanks of Mohogany for my second guitar I'll be starting soon , they need to be planned smooth and glued , but before all I want to have all the hardware so that I can plan everything properly.

The wood has 3 years of natural drying in outdoor , looks good, the other guitar I made was in Alder. How can i post a picture of the first I made, so I can have some opinions of you guys..? Do I need to put them on a site?

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