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I used to do that in my teens through the microphone input... It didn't work as such as the impedance doesn't match with the guitar and the pickups have much more gain than a microphone. Hi Fi speakers didn't like that at all! At that time I had a Hagström Viking with two humbuckers and if my guess about the switches is right the only usable selection was the bridge pickup split as that had the least basses. Even with that the volume had to be tamed down a lot, no distortion allowed! The listening volume was silent enough not to disturb my parents.

I don't know how a 16 ohms guitar speaker would have worked. Most likely a bit better but I still would hesitate to crank the amp.

A Direct Input box might work there but I'm not sure about that either.

In any case the modification would not be too cost effective unless you're an electrician and know how to safely do that yourself - in which case you wouldn't ask.



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