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Need Steve Stevens Specs

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I am planning a couple of projects based on Hamer's Steve Stevens model from 1984/85 and one on Washburns Steve Stevens model from the 90's. I have a few pictures of these two guitars but I cnt seem to locate any specs as far as pickup models, etc. Hamer & Washburn's sites have no info since they no longer manufacture these models. If anyone can help....it would be great.


Keith :D

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The mid-80's SS Hamer and the 90's Washburn SS model are 2 very different guitars. The Hamer was made for a Les Paul type of tone. The Washburn was for more for the Charvel era of Strats with buckers (Van Halen, George lynch, etc)

The Hamer had a Les Paul 24.75" scale length. The Washburn had a 25.5" scale length. The Hamer's neck (and body) were probably mahogany. The washburn had an all maple neck and fret-board, and probably an alder body.

On the Washburn, I'm quite sure he used Duncan JB's in the bridge and neck positions.

They were tilted slightly so that the bass side of the pickups was just a little closer to the bridge.

The headstock on the Washburn was "downsized to change the harmonic frequency". Can't remember exactly, but it was something like that ???

Steve would set his floyds so that there was no up-pull. He liked them to sit as firm to the body as possible when not being used for tremelo work. I don't think his floyds had a recessed rout.

Not sure about what size frets on those, but I sort of remember that John Suhr made him a guitar with Dunlop 6105 fret-wire.

When I was 26, a 55 year old man ("audience member") said my playing reminded him of Steve Stevens When I was at an audition. I couldn't believe an "old guy" even knew who the hell SS was.

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Isn't Duncan's JB designed just as a bridge pickup? I don't know much about the workings of pickups......... I suppose a bridge pickup can be used in the neck position also? I have a guitar pick I got from Steve in 1984. ( he tossed it to me from the stage) I am thinking of maybe somehow inlaying the pick into one of my SS projects. Would that be a good idea or should I leave the pick in my scrapbook? My "Hamer SS" project will be much later down the road since my "Washburn SS" seems to be the easier of the two for me to reproduce at this time. Any feedback or comments from anyone is appreciated.......keep em coming.


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Yes, JB's are supposed to be a bridge pickup, but guys like Steve don't follow the rules. I'm 90% sure his Washburn had a JB in the bridge and neck positions. I even experimented with putting a JB in the neck position of my guitar, probably from seeing that Steve did it. Worked fine for me, except the bridge pickup was a Jackson J-50, which was a little weak compared to the JB neck, so I ended up always using the neck pickup, because it sounded very good.

There was also a washburn SS model that had a single-coil in the neck position.

Pickups were always mounted "direct to wood". No mounting rings.

Around the time the Washburn model came out, Steve was working with Vince Neil (Motley Crue), and had his guitars tuned down to D. I don't know if the Washburn SS model was designed based on tuning down to D.

Up to you about the pick. I'd probably keep it in my "scrapbook".

Kind of like the problem I have with certain things I have that I think maybe I should put on a guitar. Like a little Chrome horse off a Ford Mustang, and enough of these cool triangle inlays for only 2 guitars. The question is always, Which guitar ? Maybe save them for some other guitar ?

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