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Some help wiring a partscaster?


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I have this pickguard with part of it wired, but I just need some help with the final wiring of it. Can anyone help? I tried making all the wires that aren't soldered visible and individual. There are 4 of them, one white, two black, and one blue. Here are some images:


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First, hi and welcome!

Second, my knowledge of electronics is almost next to nothing. But I can follow a simplified wiring diagram and yours looks like one of those should work.

What you have there looks to me like a standard LesPaul type wiring, meaning two humbuckers, two volumes, two tones and a three way switch to choose either neck, bridge or both pickups. If so, the inner wires coming from the pickups go to one of the lugs of the respective volume pots and the outer braid to the ground on top of a pot. The switch isn't of the "standard" so finding instructions can be a bit on the difficult side but here's one: https://www.warmanguitars.co.uk/2019/06/18/wiring-a-3-way-on-on-on-mini-toggle-switch-to-act-as-a-3-way-pickup-selector-switch/  . It says "mini" but in this case size shouldn't matter.


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Looks like black wire from 3 way, and ground wire from 3 way should go to output jack.  blue bridge wire should connect to sm vol pot (middle lug?) as the blue wire going to 3-way control... the ground from that connection can goto back of that pot.  white wire from neck pickup should connect to empty middle? lug on vol sm vol as red wire going to neck volume control, and the ground there can go to back of pot.  looks like there is one other ground wire from the sm neck vol pot that should also connect to the ground of the output jack.

that should do it.

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Further, utterly simplified:

  1. the inner wires from pickups go to a lug of respective potentiometres and the outer braid to the ground on the cover of one potentiometre
  2. the inner wires continue through another lug of the pot to the end lugs of the switch and the braid (they can be tied together) continues to the ground (cover lug) of the switch
  3. from the switch there's only one wire going from the center lug to the tip connector of the jack and another continuing the ground from the cover lug to the sleeve connector of the jack

Oh, and forget about the diagram I posted before. I thought yours was a six lug thing but it most likely isn't. Look for standard LP wiring diagrams like the Breja Toneworks one 

where you'll find for example this:kuva.thumb.png.85fa60c2acf28a72a3643e85a5a4f07b.png

Except that you have a different type of switch which means this (swap the colours if needed):



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Yet another clarifying picture: The ground wire only needs to go one way to the switch. Ground is ground is ground, meaning it doesn't really matter how you connect all to-be-grounded objects together - wires either in a row or a star, shielding tape, metal plate, they all are finally combined in the jack one way or another.



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