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Sanding Mesh vs. Sand Paper for De-Whiskering


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I've been looking into this, and I wanna know if anyone has any words about it. Has anyone used sanding mesh/sanding screen for de-whiskering as opposed to sandpaper? Everything I'm seeing says that you may wanna go this route, just on account of the way it works (no grains gouging into the wood, just screen for the raised grain to get caught up in, you get the idea). Anyone know of a reason one or the other might be a better way to go?

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Have you sections of alike material wood upon which you may perform experiment ? I think perhaps each person different so why not conclusion of experiment to produce different results with manual tool apparatus. Some dominate right hand and others the left. Wood of many types own even more of grain patterns with composition variant. Tooling of A-type may work more effect on Material-2 but not happy of Material-1. I like experiment and I hope you enjoy it also there is nothing to lose and much knowledge to gain I think.

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I've been using both with good results. No matter which one you choose, there's two rules of thumb: Use premium quality and don't apply any pressure.

Currently I have Mirka Abranet screens and 3M Cubitron II (737U) papers, both of which I like very much. The latter says it's 30% faster compared to other premium sandpapers, self sharpening and twice as long lasting. I can confirm that, both from my own experience and from what my fellow builders have said when I've lent them my already used sheets.

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