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Guitar Of The Month Vote - December 2021

Time to vote!  

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  1. 1. This month's Guitar Of The Month poll is now open!

    • MiKro - "The RepTelean"
    • nakedzen - "Remake - Revengeance of the Telecasters pt. 2"
    • Andyjr1515 - "Nemesis"
    • scorpionscar - "Lucifer"

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Welcome to the ProjectGuitar.com Guitar Of The Month voting round!

The winner of each month's Guitar Of The Month contest gets front page placement on the main ProjectGuitar.com website, privileged member status plus that (all-important) shiny member profile badge!

Good luck to this month's entrants....as usual, discuss your voting choice and opinions about the entries this month in this thread....however don't let any discussion in this thread sway your vote. :thumb:

Polls will close automagically after a week - as always, this thread is open for discussion on the month's entries during and after voting.

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Once again my head hurts because of choice I must make. All are magnifique. All are beautiful. I feel impress by absent of bridge saddle variety position of 7 string Lucifer. This must be very straight neck and body marriage. Little adjustment needs. Mathematics complicated with 7 strings.

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20 hours ago, Gordonov said:

Graph shows 14 votes. Title shows 18. Where are 4 of others ? Builders ok to vote yet not register perhaps ?

A non-vote counts as a vote cast, a spoiled ballot if you will.

Well Andy get's my vote, again. Some people really need to stop hogging all the bloody talent. 

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