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help trying to wire HH, 2 vol with split coil, 1 tone, 3 way level swicht


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Hi all, i will really appreciated the help with a current HH, 2 vol with split coil, 1 tone, 3 way level swicht build, i am a bit nooby with humcuker of 4 wires, all diagram that i have found show 5 cables, while my pickups have 4 (south + south - north + and north - (the south - and the north are together)) it also said that the the north + is hot, while the the south - is ground.



My questions, why the diagram of the seymor duncan show 5 cables, how i can solve this?




so i think that i have to conect the white south - and the red north to the middle imput of the split coils, and the yellow south + to the imput of the split coil (the one that is close to the pot ) and i will use the black north - as ground

is this correct? thanks

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