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Need info on how to wire my guitar


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I am getting ready to start my first electric guitar. ( I built acoustics years ago but have never dealt with the electronics on an electric. It is an Ibanez rg/jem pickup config. HSH. One volume one tone. I’ve been looking at the wiring diagram for the mega switch on the schaller website. They have a diagram for this pickup configuration, but honestly I am very confused and have no idea how to do this. All these intersections where the wires are joined together etc. can anyone recommend a video, book, or anything that clearly explains and shows how to correctly follow a schematic and wire this stuff up? Any info appreciated. 


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I can't read those diagrams either but fortunately there's "diagrams for dummies" showing more life like pictures with colours.

Does this help you: http://www.danieleturani.com/wiring-diagrams/guitar-pickups-wiring-hsh-configuration-autosplit-and-push-pull-coil-split/

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