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7 string

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Hello ,

I just finished my first project a telecaster shape 6 string, now I am looking forward in planning and building a 7 string guitar, I could really use some pro tips and suggestions (like 2 truss rods in the neck for better support or maybe 1 truss rod and 2 carbon fiber supports inserted on the sides of the rod). I see that there are many skilled guitar makers in this forum, if anyone has a link to a tutorial on a 7 string or is just willing to help me, please don't be shy!

thanks :D

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i posted similar questions before, and you dont need more than one truss rod really....... if you glue multiple piece together, reversing the grain, for the neck.

its all the same really, though supplies are more limited, in terms of pickups and bridges, and even fingerboards (if not wide enough).

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