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Plans and blueprints

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Do you mean this (there's not a great deal there)?


Try using the forum search and enclosing the words guitar plans in double quotes.

https://www.projectguitar.com/search/?&q="guitar plans"&quick=1&search_and_or=and&sortby=relevancy

It might also help if you could throw in some extra keywords - if there's a particular plan out there that you're after, or some phrase you remember being used in the thread in question. Granted, the forum search is generally regarded as being a bit ordinary and there's not much we can do to improve it (it's built into the bones of the forum software itself). But the more information you can throw at it (or other members' memories!) the better the results.


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If the forum search seems clumsy you can also use Google for a specific site. Simply open a Google search, type site:projectguitar.com "guitar plans" or whatever you're specifically searching for and the answers should then be limited to this site. Putting the search phrase in quotes narrows the search to just that "guitar plans" instead of showing results containing either "guitar" or "plans". Also note that "guitar plan" returns much less results than "guitar plans".

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