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just thought I'd share this in case anyone cares... it's std strat wiring but with a dummy coil...


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so was talking on the axe fx forum about wiring and had mentioned one of my fav mods for a strat... is just wiring a dummy coil up to the 2nd volume as it allows for hum cancellation against the bridge or neck as you dial up the volume.  Someone had asked for a drawing so I did a quick and dirty... thought I'd share it here.  In fact... we should really have a schem repository but then they are so available in this day and age, perhaps not worth it.  anywho... this is that.

basically you grab another single coils that is similar in spec to your bridge/neck pickup... pound out the poles with a screwdriver or nail set... and wire it up as pictured below.  stick it in the extra space between your pickups or in the control cavity... doesn't really matter.

so... as you turn it up it cancels hum in the 1/5 positions... You can just turn it up until the hum stops... but also dials down the pickup output a hair... making it less aggressive.  also dials down the brightness just a touch... like a fine tune control.  



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