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Have new toy, Boss GT-1000


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I started off just wanting an Overdrive, Delay and Chorus but long story short I hit the Credit Card and got this Boss GT-1000 thing as it just does everything. I can even go DI into the PA system and ditch the amp. But I want to get opinions. Anyone else have one of these? Are they good or piece of crap, any opinions welcome

First thing I realised is the built-in presets are all completely useless and its a pain in the neck reading the instructions. And when you get a clean sound, it still sounds like there's a Phaser or something going on. I had an ME-30 in the 1990's and reminds me why I let it go

Every time I muck about with it I'm on the verge of taking it back and getting a few pedals to the same value. But then I would have to build a board and wire it up and what a headache that would be and I think just keep it

What should I do?.....HELP!!



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If you're not happy with it - and it sounds like you aren't, considering the presets and poor clean sound - I'd recommend you to take it back. It's not the only multi-effect on the market so multiple pedals on a board isn't the only other option. Get something you really like! Headrush has one in the same price range, or a used Fractal AX8. Helix or Kemper are more expensive.

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On 6/28/2022 at 10:46 PM, Bizman62 said:

If you're not happy with it -

Thanks for the reply, but well I've got over it now and I will overlook its short-falls and keep it. The cost of a few individual pedals very quickly goes over what this cost, $1459 One of the most annoying things is the built-in presets, most of them are so ridiculous you'd never use them. But you can set it to "Pedalboard" and assign each button to an individual pedal. Very happy with that feature

The other thing that is so annoying is the instructions in the owners manual, but you get that with any product you buy!

Oh yeah Kemper, the guitarist at the other church has one of them, over $3000. I won't be buying one of them any time soon 🤑

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Forgot to mention I tried it through the PA system tonight and it seemed okay. It has amp modelling. Can sound like a Fender Twin Reverb, VoxAC30, Marshall, Mesa Combo etc. I don't know how accurate it is but it does the job

What came out of it all is my guitar is noisy. That would be my crappy soldering efforts. It isn't that bad through my amp, so for the moment I will use it with the amp

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If you can learn it it's good enough. I fast-read a couple of reviews and all of the four had their pros and cons, none was perfect. None was a lemon either. In this far-from-perfect world "good enough" is close enough to perfect, I suppose.

BTW by $ you mean AUD, don't you?

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