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1x12 cabinet


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I have been doing quite a bit non guitar related building lately. Hopefully I get back to guitars soon. Anyway, the closest thing to guitars is a cab frame I did this week. I gave my 1x12 cab (with a 12" Warehouse Reaper) to my son in bundle with a Marshall DSL 1H. I have wanted to have a cab with round corners for a long time but didn't ever make one since I had a perfectly functioning cab. Now, by giving the cab to my son I finally got an excuse to make a new one! 

The plan was to cover the cab with Tolex or some other cloth but the rough unfinished look is quite appealing too. So maybe I just finish the inside corners, put rubber feet under it and let it be like that. We'll see.

The speaker is a Celestion G12H. 


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That's nicer than the cab I put together to go with my Microterror - that was a Peavey 10W practice amp with dead electrics bought off ebay for peanuts and gutted. Cut a new front panel out of chipboard sprayed it black, mounted a 10" Celestion on it and then put a grill over the top, bought off ebay with the proceeds of selling the original speaker and electrics on ebay!

I keep thinking about making a new cabinet, maybe out of reclaimed mahogany, for my Trace Elliot acoustic amp with hidden dovetail joints but then I remember how many other projects I've got on the go...

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Decided to cover the cab with Tolex. I had a leftover piece of nylon grill cloth that was folded but I got it reasonably straight. Cabinet is currently open back but I'm going to close it.

Also did some staining on one of my guitar projects yesterday. It will probably get a few coats of lacquer this weekend so guitar builds will slowly start to progress again. Although now I'm thinking about making a cover for the amp. Which is a Madamp J5mk1 I built years ago. Just never got to box it. It's a nice little 5 watt tube amp but I never used it much because it's lacking a FX loop. Can't put a passive loop into it because the signal voltage is already so high on the places where you would install the loop. Some sort of active loop is a possibility but haven't really looked in to it.



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