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1 humbucker 1 single coil 3 way switch


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I'm an absolute ass when it  comes to electronics.. I dunno why it's so hard for me but I have a really hard time 'seeing the flow' so to speak. 
Anyway, I need to hook up a humbucker (bridge) and single coil (neck) with a single volume pot and a 3 way (on-off-on) switch.. And I'm completely at a loss.. 
Are there any kind soul out there who could help me with a diagram or a spoon feed explanation of how this goes together? 

Much much appreciated! :) 

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I did a simple Google search for "1 humbucker 1 single coil 3 way 1 volume" and found this: https://guitarelectronics.com/1-humbucker-1-single-coil-3-way-toggle-1-volume-1-tone-00/

1 Humbucker/1 Single Coil/3-Way Toggle/1 Volume/1 Tone/00

Now you said 3 way (on-off-on) which to me means you don't want them to play together. Did I understand you right? In that case the standard switch won't work. Here's something to study:  https://www.seymourduncan.com/blog/tips-and-tricks/guitar-wiring-explored-switches-part-2. There's Part 1 and 3 in that series as well.

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Thank you sir! I found that one as well. The added tone is what throws me off here. (Again, I'm sorry, I'm absolutely super green when it comes to electronics). 
What I want is: switch in 'lower position' bridge only'. switch in middle position 'bridge and single coil together', and switch in top position 'single coil only'.

I'll check out the links, thank you very much. :)


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Ahh, the mid position will be the more common "both" so that diagram should do.

If you don't want the tone pot, simply leave it out! Meaning leave out the blue line from left volume lug to center tone lug and the ground from pot to pot cover. Simple as that!


Note that you can pre-dial a tone setting to the volume pot by changing the pot to another value. The higher the value, the brighter the sound. 250uf is often used for single coils, 500uf for humbuckers but even the great names don't follow that as stone carved. There's other values available in between as well.


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