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EVH Frankenstrat

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Hi All

I would like to make an EVH replica Frankenstrat but am struggling with where to start. What the easiest thing to do would be to purchase a cheap doner Strat guitar with a maple neck in SSS but I cannot find one. There are some available in the UK which are cheap but you cannot see under the pick guard so there is a high chance the whole block has been routed out,

The other option is to buy a maple Strat neck and a Strat body but I am worried about the neck fitting the body.

Whats the best way to jump here, I want to do this as cheap as possible (if possible)

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Just seen a Glarry Strat for £65.99 which is pretty cheap and would be a great doner. The question is though, if I remove the pick guard and the whole thing is hollowed out I guess I will have to build an insert to go into the hole? I guess this is possible

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If there's a pool under the pickguard it's relatively easy to fill and then carve the pickup cavities. Let's hope, though, that it has the standard three cavities.

Edit: Just googled for Glarry Strat and found Darrel Braun's review. There's good news and less good news. The good news is that there's three pickup cavities and even better, the bridge cavity is already square for a humbucker! What's not that perfect is that the neck pickup cavity is also square.


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