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Flying V bodies that can take bolt-on extra-wide necks? Also, any premade snakehead extra-wide necks?

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I'm thinking of putting together a Flying V, but with a Big Lou neck since I'm learning on classical guitar and really like the 50mm/2" nut width on my current guitar. The Big Lou necks are made for bolt-on bodies, and I'm having a tough time finding a reliable/recommended/non-Aliexpress vendor that just sells a decent tonewood Flying V style body.

I like the conventional Flying V look - not picky about wood types as long as it's decent for the long haul. I'd be happy to get a good clean sound and if I gotta go with pedals down the line, so be it.

Any recs for the right V body? Super extra bonus points if you know anyone who does snakehead headstock necks in 50mm/2" nut width.

I realize that I'll probably need to source 50mm spaced pickups/bridges/etc., no issues there. I figure I should start with the body/neck match and go from there.

I'm a newbie - basic hand tools and power tools, and a willingness to use them.  I've built a 3D printer from parts and directions, so I'm OK enough with taking a shot at a project like this.

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