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Devon Headen

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Pack of 100 quality razor blades-always sharp, always there when I need them. I use them to level sections of finish before wetsanding, finish shaping necks, body edges, I almost feel like I could do without anything heavier than 400 grit paper so long as I have the blade. Sometimes I snap or grind the corners off so they are safer, and for smaller jobs or to get into a tight spot you can grind it into a U shape where there's only about 1/2" flat razor surface but alot to hold on to. Also my file collection. Files don't lie either, just like blades. They are straight, and if they put a mark or gouge into the wood then it was high at that point, and you just couldn't feel it. Sandpaper lies to you, except maybe when it's stuck to a metal block, and then in essence you've just made a different type of file. :D

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