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Pedal Board Noise


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I was reading reviews on the yamaha magic stomp and someone said it was noisy in thier rig due to the unshielded power supply. So?

Would it be possible to shield wall warts to reduce noise? Wrap them in shielding/aluminum tape?

Also when i rebuild my pedal board if i put the power strip inside a shielded cavity will this tame the beast. Do the power cables need to be shielded? Could they be short of building custom power supplies.

My issue becomes the odd number of voltages in my board:

Korg Tuner - 9v dc

Bad Horsie - 9v dc

Wh-1 Whammy Pedal - 12v(?) ac

Boss Delay - 9v dc

Jt Pedals V-trem - 18v ac :D

Yamaha Magic Stomp - 12v(>) ac

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the noise from the wall wart will be more likelly to do with poor electronics rather than poor shielding. you could try making your own decent power supply tho you would need a transformer and then can be abit expensive. putting tinfoilround the wall wart would probablly help get rid of mains hum but it would still probablly be noisy

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Power supply noise usually comes from a poorly filtered power supply - shielding it is useless, since it's directly coupled to the 60Hz of the line current. Moving the power supply outside of the pedal board shield should help a lot. Don't worry about shielding power cables, just keep them away from the input/output cables.

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My thought on shielding the warts was just the top and sides not near the plug.(clubs here dont allow pyro)

The problem is having a board thats quick on and off stage and consitently set up. Mines already 4ft long and 1.5 ft deep so i was hoping to chamber the offenders away with out getting bigger.

Maybe one of thoose monster isolation strips would work

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I'm a rack man myself, who is in love with midi switching. So most of my mess is off the floor, but I feel your pain. But I have helped build a few pedal boards for efficiency.

Try stacking pedals (instead of one, try two levels like stair steps. The space under the steps is great for pedals that you don't hit and for power strips.)

I would purchase a powerstrip/surge protector with a fairly long power suply cable and room for wall warts. They sell these at computer stores.

Configured your pedals that would suit you best, rocking pedals like the whammy and wah on the lower level, and less active pedals on the upper.

Start with a piece of board as the base, and build a box on the back half for the step.

place the power strip in the box and drill holes for the cables to go to the pedals.

I like to strap all the wall warts to the power supply with velcro or zip ties so they can never come off. I drill holes through the bottom and zip tie or wire the powersupply down.

I do the same for all the pedals.

Then simply run the power supply to each pedal and connect the signal path.

If you want you can make a box for a lid.

I have also made 30-45 degree ramps to mount pedals on to make them more comfortable.

When you're done hopefully all you see is your pedals and all the power supplies are hidden in the box and you can get short cables to keep things looking simple.

Have fun with it it's all about making something that suits you. I always try to leave a slot or three extra for later expansion.

As far as the noise, noise gates are an excellent solution. Rocktron's hush pedal is cool as well as boss's version.

Best of luck -Seth

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