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2 things 1 is mask a good choice on stewmac site


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well 2 things i really need is mask for painting and a good paint gun i was thinking of ones on stew mac are they any good the mask and 150 spray gun ?

oh and what compressor should i buy ? got any links to one

and what would be some cheap wood that i could by at lumber yard to practice painting and staining on ?

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You pay for convenience :-x

A lot! Don't buy spray equipment from Stew Mac unless you're willing to pay almost double street price for it. Both the Badger units listed on their website are priced at least 40% higher than most online vendors. If you have a local automotive paint supplier, you can probably beat their price for the respirator at home. I got my compressor at Harbor Freight, but I'm not using it very often - if I was doing more than piddling, I'd get a larger name-brand compressor, like a Porter-Cable. If you haven't yet, read the pinned threads (top of the page) on painting by LGM - Jeremy has probably forgotten more about painting than I'll ever know. B) He's made some recommendations that might help you out.

(disclaimer: no diss intended in regards to Stew Mac - they probably don't sell enough spray equipment to get really good volume discounts, and, hey, we all gotta eat. I don't begrudge anybody making a profit, I'm just not interested in them making it at my expense.) :D

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Those respirators can be found (or similar ones) at hardware stores for much less as the person noted above. I'd use stewmac as a last resort on anything but tools specifically for building guitars. They've got some great stuff in terms of specialty tools but the stuff that can be bought elsewhere is usually at a substantially less cost. I have a respirator and use it all the time. It takes a little getting used to but well worth the $20 or whatever it cost. Just make sure you have the right cartridges for what you're working with.

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