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I left boiled lemonseed oil on rosewood fretboard too long!!!

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Hey all! 1st post here, I hope it's in the right place. As relayed in this thread's title, I left boiled lemonseed oil (which I have used successfully before) on my Affinity Strat's rosewood fretboard and it left....splotches? some kind of gross-ish aftermath. So, before I go and mess it up even worse, does anyone have an idea of what may un-splotch my fretboard?? I was thinking maybe scraping with a straight edge, maybe MORE lemonseed oil (but removed after a couple minutes this time!), or maybe just play the guitar as-is and the normal wear-and-tear of sweat+skin will do the gunk removal? I will post some pictures of it here shortly...just glad that this was on one of my Squiers and not my $50,000 Chibson with gold inlays and platinum strings and also the electronics are made of wood! Thanks for any input y'all, especially constructive input!

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Hi and welcome to the forum!

That indeed looks like the most common issue with oiling. Guess it still also feels somewhat sticky...

Scraping is one option, although I'd use a single edge razor blade instead of a straight edge. But before that I'd try a chemical method. Your idea of applying more and wiping it off sooner is solid as you'd be applying the same solvent. Other commonly used chemicals you might want to try are mineral spirits and lighter fluid as they won't harm the finish of the neck. Acetone might work too, but you'd have to keep it off any finish.

Anyhow, plenty of options to clean the mess, nothing is ruined.

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