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awww man ive been trying to make own effects pedals for a couple of weeks now and its sooooo much funn!! i think im addicted, ive made four pedal in the last week. only three of them work though:( oh well im sure ill have that one workin soon. this is awesome. sorry i just had to gloat a little. this forum rocks! and so do you guys. its awesome, any questions i have, any at all, can be answered here. thanks guys!!!

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im workin on the pics, but from the way its goin so far, thats not gonna be too soon, sorry. anyways, they were as follows: the tweak-o(look it up on google), DOD grunge, the tremulous bear(www.smallbearelec.com , same site as the tweak-o. and the three knob tone bender(also from smallbear) not great but hey its a start

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is it hard to build a wah-wah?

depends on your knowledge of electronics your soldering skills and if you want to make buy a board or use perf.. personally i say no it isn't hard at all but then again i also have a magic 500mh wah inductor that most people cream over.

anyone wnating to build pedals should check out


they are very nice there also

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