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Poly Spray Cure time

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Hi there just a question about Minwax Fast-Drying spray poly (semi-gloss). Any thoughts on how long it takes two layers of spray poly to totally cure? I asked Minwax directly but the guy said 30 days. I think this might be their default answer for any oil poly product though- shouldn't a very thin layer of spray poly dry and cure much faster than a thick coating of poly on a floor, for example?

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don't know about Minwax specifically but for what I've experienced with other brands it takes ages until it's totally cured. The surface will be touch dry in mere hours even after weeks it'd be unsafe to lay the guitar on a surface - especially a textured surface will mark the finish.

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Ok thanks Bizman62, not what I wanted to hear (since that long curing time is inconvenient for my project), but very helpful… so maybe the rep from Minwax wasn’t as out to lunch as I was thinking.

So, it’s seeming like curing time is completely independent from drying time… even regarding quantity used… unless your guitar projects are using many or thick layers of poly?

What I’m going for right now is just two thin layers of spray poly (both applied within the 2 hour window) on an already finished surface.

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