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Finished my Guitar!!


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Hey all, well I finally finished my guitar! I am pretty happy with the results...although not sure about my head inlay idea. What you see inlayed into the head is a simulated triangle cut blue sapphire. It doesn't have the "presence" I was hoping for, the the cutout in the head was quite difficult...so it doesn't look perfect.

Other than that...everything came out ok...and it plays fairly well. The action is real smooth. There is just a bit of fret buzz on the lower strings, but a little more adjustment should take care of that.

I am thinking of upgrading the pickups though to the new Gibson BurstBuckers....anyone used these before?

You can fing the picures here: My Guitar Pictures

Comments are welcome!!! Thanks!


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quick question, whats the name of the style of bridge and stringing you used? hows it work? strap the strings through the guitar, lace em over the bridge and just... am i on the right track?

BTW, AWESOME job on er. i love metalic paint. always have, always will. its a custom car thing that never went away. and the stringing fits perfectly! i know its not really a cosmetic thing, but it turned out that way, and ill probabloy use that style on my 1st creation i have in the works (very, very slow works) which is still on paper.

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Great Job all around!! Love the matching headstock, inlay and finishing job. Keep building!

On your next project, check out using ferrels instead of a neck plate...I'm experimenting with them now - it would allow you to use more of a "sweeping" design on the body between the two cutaways since you don't have to be limited by the bolt patern of the neck plate.

On the pickups: I use Gibson '57's and '57 Classics on most of my guitars...I just love them. I've considered trying a pair of Burstbuckers, as I'm sure they are sweet as well. Gibson says they are a bit hotter than the '57's.

Again, Awesome looking guitar!!

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Hey all, thanks for the kudos!! It is my first guitar...and I enjoyed it so much that I am ready for the next one!!! (my wife is gonna kill me B) )

As for the bridge, it's called a "Tune-O-Matic" style bridge/tailpiece. The hardware is actually not too bad, but I found a engineering company that makes a REAL SWEET version of the T-O-M

Tone Pros

The ferrule thing sounds interesting...might make a cleaner looking back...I'll have to take a look at it on my next project....

The DupliColor Mirage paint comes in several colors, including a new "Ice" color and a pretty cool Silver/Green color that I would like to try.

Thanks again!! :D


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Yeah...took me a while to figure out the headstock design...I wanted something classy, but not too boring...

I am totally hooked on building now!! I think my next project will be a strat....who knows. I have been thinking though that I might want to change out the pickups on this guitar to some Gibson BurstBuckers...so the next project may have to wait a bit as these are $$

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