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i have a copy of a tom delonge strat...

it only has a volume control...

i want to put a tone control on it...

what shall i do??

and the problem is i'm not too god at electronics and stuff...

any help shall do!when i put a tone control will the tone go higher or go lower?

thanks guys&galls...(i really apreciate it!)

the guitar looks like this:


thanks a lot!!!


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guys can you please speak english here... :D

i'm the dumbest on electonics here, maybe u could prescise a bit...


i have 4 wires on my guitar (in general) it means pickup,volume knob etc...

and can you please show me sone tone knobs (affordable for me) coz i dont work yet...

give me just the names and the prizes of it...

besides of tone knobs and 2 way split switches what else can i put in there?(i have the place fot it)

thanks for the great help your givin me guys!!! :D

for thosre thanks for reading! B)

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When you say ground area, waht do you mean.

The whole electronic circuit should be grounded to your bridge (No need to solder it there, the pressure should be enough for contact.

Otherwise the capacitor on the tone knob is grounded to the potentiometer's back that it resides in.

the humbucker ground to the volume pot's back. the volume pot back is linked to the tone pot's back. and there is a ground from the input jack to the back of the volume pot.

That should be every ground.

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There should already be a wire that runs from the back of the existing volume pot to under the bridge. The pressure that the screws force between the bridge and the wood should be enough to hold it in place. It is basically smashed between the bridge and body and this is enough to allow contact. Without this wire, your guitar woul hum and buz like crazy when your hand did not touch the strings. Essentially what it does is ground the strings and bridge so that your body won't be the ground.

I wouldn't stress too much, your guitar should already have this. They should come with it.

Oh wait....you said it was a copy. Ok if it has a tremolo bridge and not a fixed bridge, the ground wire gets soldered to the spring claw for the tremolo.


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