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Poly over Laquer


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I am about to paint two guitars (one cherry burst and one silver burst).

I have done a three color burst before and I used Laquer for the entire project.

On these guitars I really want to do the Component Poly Urethane.

The question I have is, do I shoot Component Poly Urethane between the solid color and the burst or can I use Laquer to this and just top it with Component Poly Urethane?

You can check out my build at My First Mosrite

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I have asked a professional painter this same question before. He told me that you can paint Automotive Poly over Lacquer, but not the other way around. Not sure, but I've done it like this on my last guitar and everything seems to work great. I can tell you better in the next couple of years after seeing how my guitar holds up... lol But as far as I know you can with no problems.

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All of my repaints are poly over lacquer, I do a lot of kandies and I prefer lacquer. BUT the deep wet gloss of poly is a must. If you want to shoot lacquer over poly, scuff the body with 320 and shoot HOK or other brand, 2 part epoxy primer. It's awesome stuff, sands smooth as glass and no issues at all.

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