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serial numbers/markings?

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It depends. I haven't marked any of my builds, nor do they have any logos or other signatures.

That said, I'd like to! After a decade and half a dozen or so builds it's already a bit tough to memorize the building order. Even a number like you do would help. Maybe I should get a silver marker or a punch set as long as I remember anything...

There's a guy in our group who uses a silver marker between layers of clearcoat for a signature, number and year. I sort of envy him for that.

If you sell your guitars I strongly suggest you to use a somewhat logical marking system. Build number with the headstock logo do suffice for identifying but after you and your notes are gone some enthusiast might also like to find the build year from the stamp.

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1 hour ago, LFlab said:

In a recent youtube video from Crimson, they show marking a ready guitar with regular number punches. They stick on a straight bit of wood as a reference so the numbers are in line.

That is one crude method that originates from time when no other options were available. I guess that punches can be used to go with rough rustic aesthetics, but otherwise I’d rather use some more contemporary method.

That said I like them punches and use them to mark tools and stuff. Usually metal but sometimes wood too.



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I quite like the esthetic, actually, it might be crude, but it really shows craftsmanship, if done neatly of course :)

Come to think of it, both my Vigier bass as well as the Turner Electroline fretless that I had, had punched numbers. I can imagine both of those have some jig to make sure tidyness. 


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I used punched numbers on a few but, I was not happy with my results.

I decided it was time to buy a CNC Router and now playing around for a few weeks I'm glad I bought it.

Here's a few cuts after only my tenth try.

Yes it will take awhile to recoup the cost.  



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