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SAGA kits-PRS style and sealer coat


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This is a question from B. Calvert and other SAGA dealers...I have a friend that works fro SAGA and asked him about the sealer coat on their "PRS-style" kit. i have a customer that wants the translucent top-look. i understand that the sealer used prohibits analine stains from penetrating the veneer top. However, it would be good to know what the sealer is made of so that I knew better how to take it to bare wood. I am reluctant to sand, as I don't want to go through the veneer. Does anyone have experience staining any SAGA kits, even the S-or T style? Will the sealer thin or lift off w/mineral spirits or naptha? How did you go about it? This veneer top does not leave much margin for erroe. Please respond quickly--I'm in a jam!

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