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im going to attempt a cheap sunburst

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ok, i have finally sanded down that plywood body of mine, im going to attemp a cheap sunburst, i have plenty of sand paper, the best grit i have is 1000, i am thinking of using the deft spray on sanding sealer from lowes, the deft spray on clear laquer and just a black spray paint, should i sand any more than 1000 or should that be fine enough, im going to spray the sanding sealer first, then use a template i cut out of poster board and spray the black around the edge and then just spray clear all over. Im not going to try and do a tobacco or 3 tone, since the plywood body of mine has a beautiful maple veneer on the top and bottom, i just want to use the black to cover up the plywood striping on the bodies edge, maybe ill lightly lightly spray the maple interior to make a blackburst, any suggestions ideals, im going to utilize the tutorials and what reranch says, but for about 20 bucks from lowes, i think i can pull this off, ok, so like what kinda spray should i use for the black if im going to use the deft sanding sealer and deft clear laquer, also should i just spray the clear heavy or should i try and sand and spray and then sand and spray as the can claims one coat application, anyways, i need to lowball this attempt, but i think i can pull it off, thanks for your suggestions, ill try and take pics as i progress


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Believe it or not you can get away with using the Krylon black over the sealer. It's about the quickest dry time to (12-20 min).

Mist the first coat of clear then just do 2-3 more coats over the next couple of hour's. If your going for the smoothest finish you can get let it sit overnight and repeat after wet sanding lightly with 1500 first.

Sounds to me like your going for a quick and fun one. :D

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