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what your favorite band{saw}?


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sorry for bad jokes couldnt help it, anyway i'm in need of some tools and only way i can get them is thur the net ..i need following




any ideas of some good ones and any tips or rules of thumb would be great..

what size drill bit is used for screw holes normally?

oh why do they call it a jointer whats it joining?

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I have 6 Porter-Cable routers and a Bosch.....They are both excellent brand names. P-C has just released a multi-speed version of its old standard router...the good old model 160.....(I think thats the #).....If you are going to buy a router, this may be a good one to have. You might want to check to see if it comes in a kit along with a plunge base.

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I'd be worried using that Harbor Freight router in a piece of wood. Esp. rock maple or ash, other hard woods, etc.

1 HP doesn't get you much, and if the collet isn't sturdy enough, if the wood is too much for your router, the collet could break and that bit will get sucked right into the wood, destroying it.

Porter Cable = GOD Routers.

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Try Harbor Freight. Heres a router for $30 http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/Disp...temnumber=47937

And most people recommend a bandsaw thats atleast 10" and a jointer is used to make two peices of wood perfectly flant so you cna joint them together I.E. a guitar body.

i have that router...it does the job and it comes with 2 sizes of collets...i use the 1/4" collet....

i use it on lower speeds

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