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Help with neck re-finishing........


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Whats the best material to use when refinshing a maple neck?

Polyurithane is an option, but I was wondering if anyone has use a clear finish from a spray can?

I found some single part urithane in a spray pack, and it comes in matt, satin and gloss too. Basically nterior furniture finish. Would this work?

If anyone has already done this, how's it look and feel.....pics would be nice.

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What's the best? That's a highly debatable question bro :D

I've used just about everything under the sun though, including the furniture refinishing kit's. They do work and work well, but you've got to have ample time to let them cure like anything else. Otherwise they can get a touch on the gummy side.

Clear from a can is great just remember to have enough to do it right. The only thing I hate about can's would be the sputter that seems to happen about 1/2 through their life even when they feel 3/4 full. Nothing a little spot/light sanding and buffing can't handle though B)

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Brian,Thanks for the compliment.What I didn't say is I'm a finisher 32 years.I did this with cans because I had my gun tied up with color(paying customer).By the way I took your advice on the tapered neck shim.I tried both flat and tapered ,now I know why you advised this.You expertise is greatly appreciated.Thanks,John :D

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