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Strat project update

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just to say hi again, sorry ive been away but my internet access at home is minimal at best now. anyway. over my half term ive managed to make enough time around sleeping and seeing the girlfriend to actually paint my strat body

bit of a change from the original plan since i decided that straight lines is too much like hard work and i cant be bothered with all the masking. so ive gone for a burst-ish effect. here's some pics so you can see what im jabbering on about




the yellow on the front has been spattered slightlly with black and the headstock is actually the third attempt. (originally i was gonna have a nuclear hazard sign on there but the stencil plan i had didnt work. second time i put too much paint on and it just turned into a mess. this time its looking alot better apart from the black on it needing a touch up.

the body has a few places which need some extra attention with the wet and dry tomorrow. lay it down on a towl and the paint hadnt fully dried

all i need to do now is sand it all down and then put the lacquer on

btw this has all been done with car touch up spray paints, courtesy of halfords. 300 ml cans for a fiver each and its worked very well. white under coat and then the colours ontop of that.

imho its turned out pretty well for a first attempt and its been a valuable learning experience lol (most important lesson, always buy more paint than you think you will need, and then some :D)

opinions/flames/tips etc welcome, hope you enjoy guys

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the back is matt black atm. it should get a fairlly shiny finish when i put the lacquer on but will never be mirror sheen which is fine by me.

the more i look at it now the more i think this is definatelly better than havingmasked off straight lines where the black stops and the yellow finishes

unfortunatlly its gonna be a little while untill its properlly finished since im gonna have to wait a while untill i have bought the hardware. the current plan is to stick with the yellow and black theme and get all the hardware in black as well as the pick guard.

gonna have to wait and see tho lol

many thanks for the kind words btw

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I got my filling primer and satin black from Halfords. Gonna use it to paint the inside of the hollow strat. Fiver for 300ml cans or six quid for 500ml cans. B)

Good luck with the finishing and hardware dude. If you're strapped for cash (and who isn't?) have you tried www.axesrus.co.uk I think they're not too expensive. They do secondhand stuff too.

Looking good so far :D

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I try and avoid buying hardware in the UK if you have a paypal account you can get fantastic deals from the US. You are getting $1.81 for each pound at the moment which is fantastic.

Try Brian heres site http://www.universaljems.com/index.htm

or try http://www.guitarpartsresource.com/guitar_index.htm

Guitar parts resource shipping is only $5.95 WORLDWIDE with a delivery time of around 7 days

I have just placed an order with Brian who quotes 2-4 weeks delivery.

If you can find the same stuff in the uk at the prices from the US including shipping let me know.

maybe Brian could consider a pinned area which people could post sites with bargins low prices etc.

PS your guitar is looking good


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fidge: i used the white primer stuff they had for an undercoat first. i found that it doesnt work to well if you try to put one finish paint over the other (hence why my original stencil idea didnt work)

hotrock: i have seen axesrus and they have some very good prices, however i found another site, havnt got a link on this computer but will put one up tonight, that has the strat vintage style trem in black which is what i want

alan: i will have a look around the sites you linked tho atm i can already get most of the stuff i need (all in black B)) from sites in the uk for good prices. tbh im still busy with the body atm so nothing is certain lol. so im gonna keep scrounging the internet for better prices

yet again thatnks for the kind words guys :D

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