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Esotic woods

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I just got a reply to a inquiery on a small wood order:

a 110 $ zebrawood one piece body blank (beautifull)

and a $ 20 Striped ebony fingerboars

To ship it in Italy they would charge me 230 $

ok 100$ shipping !!!!!!!

Its a shame i loved that wood, but I thinks it's way off the hook (for me at least...!)

It's Gilmes tonewoods, nice and kind people, but what do you think about that charge?

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I think the wood is worth that money, but I spent about 30 $ shipping fee , from stewmac ( Alder body , neck and fingerboard wood blanks , plus tools and hardware ) the package was quite big......just sounds strange the amount of difference between the two.

Well there is a big wood supply warehouse , in Milan, but they have only Mohogany , Maple , Rosewood , and Ebony.

I was seeking something different, but I kind serching the net for suppliers, but no one has Zebra , Cocobolo, Bubinga,and that nice striped ebony....:-(

Guess I'll ask around

Anyway for now I have a mohogany blank waiting to be glued for a 4 string bass, so that will keep me busy for a wile :-)

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The biggest problem I've had when it comes to shipping to Italy via the post is you either have the high end which is EMS (Express Mail Service, the fastest way) or Standard Airmail Parcel because the Italian post never agreed to sign up with Global Priority mail with the USPS so you either get stuck with the expensive or the super slow or UPS and FedEx which are expensive as well.

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