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What all should I route at one time


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My body is cut out, its two pieces of mahagony, glued nicely together and bandsawed out, it's an Ibanez Jem shape. (When I got it back from being bandsawed, I actually forgot it had been two pieces glued together, that's how good they did at their glueing job :D)

Anyways I'm renting a router for 8 or 24hours, not sure yet, it's about 20bucks. Im not sure if I should just do the pickup cavities, or should I do the knob cavities too? All the body cavities at once or what?

question # 2 is, I don't want a pickguard, so im routing through the whole body, I know I will need a routing jig, is there any longer attachment I'm going to need to get through the whole body? Its about 1 3/4"

thanks for any help, comments, tips before I route etc

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the only place you're going to be routing thru the body will be right under the trem bridge if you're using one, other then that NO other rout should go ALL the way thru the guitar. unless you're putting a back and top on the guitar?

There are specialized templates for routing the pickup and control cavtities, along with bridge routing templates if you want to recess your trem.

You'll also need some template bits, shallow and long.

-pickups range anywhere from 5/8" to 1" deep

-control cavities 1-3/8 to 1-5/8 depending on the types of pots you use, and the holes for the pots are usualy drilled, not routed

-trem recessed rout's are between 1/8 to 5/16"

If you' have to paid for the router in terms of time, you might want to look at harbourfreight.com they have some cheap entry level routers, depends on shipping and weather or not router bits would be included if/when you rent that router?

i'd try and get all my routing done at once if i was you :D

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I just ordered the Single Coil and Humbucker routing templates from stewmac.............erm quesiton, dont the control cavities go all the way through like on my Gibson LP? isnt that what the plates are for behind...

everything on my guitar is going to be standard. standard vintage tremolo, ill look into pots so I can get some good measurements now.

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the way gibson's are routed is what's callled "rear routed" where the cavity is routed on the back of the guitar instead on on the front, so instead of the pickguard covering the whole, you need a cover for the hole in the back of the guitar. Again unless you're going to put a top on the guitar afterwards, this rout does not go all the way thru the guitar. The only part that goes "all" the way thru the guitar is the hole(s) that you drill for the pots to stick out of.

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