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Finnishing in the UK

alan hipson

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Just to get an idea of what products people are using for finnishing in the UK

spray cans, lacquer nitro/poly, suppliers quality.

I think it would be helpfull to get a UK perspective as most of the info availible is for the US.

I have mostly been using.....

Spray rattle cans from car shops, paint and clear cellulose lacquer.


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Plastikote rattle cans from Homebase or B&Q. B&Q had cans of 'Clear coat varnish' and cans of 'Polyurethane varnish'. Ive only used the Polyurethane one, which worked well.

B&Q warehouses have a good range of the Plastikote colours, Homebase have a few and Wilkinsons have a few (and Wilko's are definately the cheapest!).

Is boiled linseed oil any good? I know they sell it as Wickes and its cheap (is it anything like tung oil?)

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