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Wood Sealing/Finishing


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I purchased an older model Teisco Del Ray. I originally bought it because I was stupid and thought it would be a cool guitar to smash on stage(how silly of me to want to destroy a perfectly good guitar lol). I spent 10 dollars on the guitar from a friend of mine who had no need for it. I ended up stripping off the paint, because it had a really bad paint job. I don't have any wood finish, but I was told a long time ago that to seal the wood you CAN use vegetable oil. Is that correct? It was a shop teacher that told me. And also, will this vegetable oil give it a finished look? I really like just the wood grain on this guitar. Anyway, would you suggest I go and purchase wood finish or sealer or a stain? I've had this guitar for about 4 or 5 years and finally decided to do something with it. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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Would you need to use a deep fryer for vegetable oil application? :D


I agree I have used tung oil on several instruments and the results are stunning.

I sand the instrument through various grades of san paper ending on 320 or 400 grit.....maybe 600 if I'm bored. Then I apply the tungoil. let it cure for a day....sometimes half a day if I'm excited(probably should wait a day though). Then I buff it out with 000 grade steel wool and finish with 0000 grade steel wool. A few times I have reaplied and steel wooled it again and that helped to get a little smoother finish.

I have done some necks for friends and their oiled hands dirtied up the neck. I simply rebuffed with 000 and 0000 steel wool for a refresher.

That's just my experience, but Highly Recomended. -Seth

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Alright I'll try that. The veggie oil actually gave it a nice shine--surprisingly lol;) But you can also sort of feel the oil when you rub your hand across the wood(man that sounds perverted..jk). Where would I get Tung Oil? From a hardware store? Also, the guitar was originally a sunburst finish, so i sanded it down to the wood except for on the edges. I sanded the top of the body and the bottom of the body all the way down, and then around the edge i left it all black and it has a black pickguard so I thought that had a neat look. The black, however, needs touched up so would just a little black touch up paint stand out on it? Or would it be best to sand it all off and paint the black on again? (By the edges, I mean if you're holding the guitar in "playing position", it would be the top and go all the way around the guitar). And also, I hand sanded the wood starting with some really rough paper and ending on 600, and i sanded it with the 600 for a looooooong time, but there are still a few scratches that you can see when the light glares on it, so do you think I just didn't sand it enough? And there is also a spot on the back where I think i sanded too vigorously or something and it caused what looks like a burn mark, so would I just need to sand that out or would the finish cover that up?

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