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I purchased an older model Teisco Del Ray about 4 or 5 years ago, and originally purchased it for 10 dollars so that I could smash it on stage(yeah, stupid me). I decided against that, but rather decided to make it into a little nicer guitar. The previous owner did a number on the head and completely broke it off(nasty break). He "glued" it back and then put a bolt through it to secure it even more, but it looks HORRIBLE. Is there anything I can do with this neck? Or would you suggest I just get a completely new neck? I kind of wanted to keep the original, but I'm not sure if that is possible or not because of the shape that it's in. Anyway, not sure if I explained it very thoroughly so please ask questions and any advice is greatly appreciated!


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There are ways to fix a broken off headstock. It depends on the nature of the break and how well the two pieces still fit together. Got any pictures? If its an even break you could rout out 2 slots that span the break area and then insert hardwood plugs. Then glue and clamp. The other option is to replace the neck entirely. But you have to maintain the scale length and heel dimensions for proper mounting.

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