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Guitar almost done ....

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With all the tips and inspiration I've found here, I'm ready to start shooting lacquer on my guitar. It's a walnut and koa body. I veneered the headstock with the same walnut as the body. Since it has a tight curve in it, the 1/16th" veneer was a bit much, but I soaked it in fabric softener and steamed it prior to glueing and that worked quite well. PUP rings were made of wenge. Control cavity covers of walnut. And for neck ferruls, I used Japanese 50 yen coins. They have a hole in the middle and a pretty flower motif on one side. Just a little fun touch. You can see it on the second (Photo page) HERE

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Wow .... thanks for all the positive feedback! You guys will have me trying to make another guitar with that kind of talk! To answer a few questions .... yes, the holes were just to make it a bit lighter. I read somewhere about chambered guitars, so I thought what the heck, might as well shave a little off the weight. And the body is pretty light. I'll weigh it after I put the hardware on. As for the neck ... it's from an OLP MM4 (copy of an Ernie Ball Silloette.. sp?). Since this was my first attempt at guitar making, I wanted to give myself a break. I bought a factory refurbished MM4 from MF for $110.00 and used the neck, tuners, and bridge. The neck is identical to the Musicman Axis (except the fretboard material). The factory refurbed guitars usually always have some cosmetic flaws in the body, so it's a good way to get a neck and some hardware for cheap I think. The body I made is a rounded version of the Musicman Axis (I used one to make my template). My PUPS will be a pair of old (1966) Gibson humbuckers. I'm spraying clear lacquer now and will post some better pics with details when it's all assembled. But thanks again to all of you here .... most all of my questions were answered by reading various posts and the helpful answers to them from all of you. This is a great little community!

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