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Help me realize my dream


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Ok here's my dream.

I use a midi pedal board to switch from clean to crunch to heavydistortion, to hi gain lead with delay....and so on....

So why not just do all the switching in one movement????

I think it would be cool to put a midi jack on the guitar with a small circuit board that assigned midi messages to each position on the switch(probably encorporate the switch into the board)


Midi message 1: bridge in Series

Midi Message 2: Twosingles in parallel

Midi Message 3: Neck in Series

Perhaps more midi messages could be asigned to make more selections possible than a 5 way.

Obviously this doesn't work for everybody, but for my and the rest of the midi savvy I think it would be a great tool for our busy hands.

Give me your thoughts and if this would be possible ....maybe some help.

Thanks...The laziest shredder on earth :D

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