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Copper Hardware


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Did you want it to tarnish, or did you just want the copper color? You can get a copper plate, and often that is an undercoating in the plating process. Its soft and it will tarnish quickly. But to achieve a copper color you might go for a powder coating, or spray an antique brown tinted lacquer over gold hardware. Lots of gold hardware is done that way. The gold plating is thin and more yellowish, and then the protective lacquer has orange/amber in it to really enhance the color. So you could start with gold or chrome and mix a tint that gives you the color you want.

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I don't need actual copper - just the color. I thought I saw a copper floyd bridge recently but I can't turn it up on any of my searches. Does anyone remember anything like that being posted here? I think it was somewhere else, oh well - if anyone knows of one, please let me know.



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