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Fret Buzz (on the headstock side)

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M'kay i donno how to describe this.

K, there's a buzz on my bass while i play, but its not from the action being too low, or the neck not being straight or anything like that. everything on that end is alllllll set. but you know when you fret, and you pick the string? Well the buzz is coming from the side of the string that you don't pick. Like, *thinks of how to explain it*

Okay, lets call your finger a point on the string -------------------O----------------

And your headstock is on the left side, while the bridge is on the right. The fretbuzz is coming from the left side, and is driving me insane while i play >.< I can't hear it in the amplifier, but it just bugs the living crap out of me. Any Ideas on what to do? I'm thinking of shimming the nut.

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I call it " back buzz", if that's what is really going on in your situation. it's from the string vibrating up and down behind the fretted area, or something like that. To get rid of it, you have to get that part of the string raised up a hair of two, by making the string higher on the nut, or adding a little neck-relief, or both. But make sure the buzz is coming from the frets and not the headstock. Sometimes the tuners buzz.And sometimes the strings buzz right on the nut, from the nut slot not working out so well with the string. Could also be truss-rod rattle. I have used a rubber-band to trouble-shoot this sort of thing, by wrapping the rubber band around suspected areas to help deaded them, to see if the buzzing stops. Doesn't always works, but it's an easy start.

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