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Neck angle

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Its not terribly hard to calculate. I don't use formulas (I never did in math classes either) But you figure how deep your neck will sit on the body. In other words, how much height will you get from the fretboard and the fret tops? Then look at how much height you want at the bridge saddles. I figure a little high because if the guitar settles in, or you like a little relief, you always want room to go lower. But the difference between the two heights is what makes your triangle. Then the distance from the neck pocket to the bridge is your length. You can make it an Isosceles triangle to simplify the math. When I say I don't use formulas, I mean that I don't care what that angle is, because I route my neck angles by shimming the body, so I just recreate the dimensions of that triangle with my shims. Even if I knew what the angle was it wouldn't help me with the labor of cutting it.

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