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Acrylic Guitar

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Alright guys.

Have any of you built a guitar from acrylic? My brother wants me to knock him up a Warlock bass (body only) using acrylic and never having worked with acrylic I'm a bit worried.

Can I use the normal router bits and tools that I use for wood?

How hard is it to polish up and finish?

Can I route a binding channel in it?

I know that there is a type of glue to use for acrylic (it dries clear) but I can't remember what it's called. Any help would be appreciated.

Cheers dudes.

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Promised to wind him some pickups too. I've got to stop being generous when I'm drunk.

Just out of curiosity can you make acrylic necks. I've seen the casper strat but is it feasable for a bass. I should be using a fender neck but I'd quite like the look of an acrylic one.

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