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locking tuner

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Locking tuners clamp the string so you don't have excessive string winds around the post, or string movement.

Sperzel, gotoh, planet waves all make versions.

They are not necessary on locking trm guitars, but they don't hurt.

They will improve tuning stability on all other guitars.

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best locking tuners are schaller locking tuners i think. i ahve some with a brass (open nut) and a OFR.... and strings dont go out of tune one bit...... and i'm a hefty floyd abuser B)

what do they do? with the aid of a mechanism, with acts like a needle, which pushed the string in the tuner 'hole' thingy right to the top....... basically holding it secure, so that the string does not slip, causing it to go out of tune.

did i explain that well enough?

post 200!



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