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Intonation Fixes

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Ok first off has anyone seen Frank Gambale's new yamaha siganture model?

What the hell is up with the fret wave on the first and second frets by the b string?

They say this cures intonation problems. I don't see it?

Surely poor intonation isn't to blame completely on the poor B string B)

Someone tell me how this works.

Also tell me how the buzz feiten system works. If it is worth it. And what is the porcess involved on a guitar like one of my Ibanez RG series.

Thanks -Seth :D

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That guitar uses the Fretwave Tempered System. I don't know much about it, but it's suppose to compensate for the intonation problems that a standard guitar has. It's a very confusing matter, since there are at least three systems out there that I know of. There is Earvana, Fretwave, and last but not least Buzz Feiten. I'm not sure what is the best, but I do know that Buzz Feiten has been out longer. Washburn guitars uses it on their guitars. Earvana has been around awhile and I think ESP guitars now use them. Now Yamaha has joined the party it looks like.. lol

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