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Acoustic bridge piezo under electric bridge?


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Hi all -

I was recently able to purchase an acoustic bridge pieze pickup for extremely cheap. I plan on trying to wedge it under a standard solidbody bridge on my project guitar. Has anybody done this? I would assume that you only need to route a small channel for it to rest inside of, sp that the pickup lays just slightly above flush so that the bottom plate of the bridge applies constant pressure on the pickup.

Also, Are active electronics going to be absolutely necessary for this piezo pickup or can I wire it in just like any normal wound pickup?

FWIW, this will go into a home brew thinline tele hollowbody clone. I plan on using a carvin neck through 25" neck, and probably the standard fare carvin bridge and misc hardware since im placing an order there. I have two dimarzio HB pickups laying around. I plan on wiring up the electric side with a 2HB, 3way switch, 1V, 1T. The acoustic side will have a seperate V and T. Ill use another 3way switch to switch between the electric and acoustic voices. Anybody care to offer some advice?



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I added a piezo to my tacoma acoustic. Not wanting to bugger things up with an on board preamp, i use externals. I have a baggs and a fishman. Either are about the same.

You can get by not preamping but it sounds nasty, you really get to understan piezo quack. There are lots of options at stew mac preamps in the jack etc...

I would like to know how this works out for you cuz ive been wanting to try the same for a while.

I use a parker nite fly all the time. Allow yourself the ability to blend the 2 you'd be amazed the fun this adds.

Hope this helps.

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There was a discussion about a year ago about this subject with some pictures where piezo's were added to I think a Strat bridge. Perhaps somebody can find it if it's still on the server Brian?

I think it was started by Bear from Australia.


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