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Banjo's are hollow right????

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This may not be the place to ask....but

I just got a 6 string banjo. I have it intonated and tuned properly, straight neck..yada yada yada

BUT....I ain't a drummer....What do I need to do with the head?

When I play it sounds like an echo chamber. Is this right,

A guitar just didn't feel right when I jam on the porch.


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I used to own a couple banjos over a total of about 4 yrs. That was basically where my introduction to fingerpicking began as well as getting familiar with steel fingerpicks. This 6-string banjo you have, is it open backed or have a wood back? The open banjos sound much more tinny. I'm assuming its a regular 6-string guitar setup, 'cept its a banjo.

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a banjo is a sweet insturment, try playing Metallica on it :D

also, does it have the the 4 string set up on the headstock? then the 2 on the neck?


Go listen to Iron Horse's tribute to Metallica B)

Or is that what you were referring too?

thats what i was refering too, but i also used to play enter sand man on it :D

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