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i got some free money ...need painting gear


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Ok, I'm back now.

First, you need to determine what your painting needs are. Do you want to do fine detail work, or just solid colors. If you want to do fine detail stuff, you'll want an airbrush. I'm going to assume you want to just do basic painting and clearing.

The best guns you will find are

Sata: the Minijet III would do fine for you, it's HVLP which I'm not crazy about for clear, but a very nice gun.

Iwata: LPH300 or LPH400, more expensive but well worth it

Walcom: STM nice guns at decent prices,

All of these will eat up half your budget right away though.

For less money, look into devilbiss, Binks, Sharpe, etc. I would recommend staying with gravity feed and a 1.0 to 1.4 mm tip on the gun.

As for compressors, something with a tank is necessary, whatever gun you buy you will need to buy a compressor that can keep up with the CFM of the gun. Otherwise you spend most of your time waiting for the compressor to refill.

Other than that, compressors are compressors, oil-less is nice, but not likely to find in a big compressor with tank.

As for a respirator, well, depending on what you are spraying, a dual cartridge carbon filter respirator is fine. Look for filters that are rated for iso-cyanates. Replace these filters about every 5 hours of use. If you are going to be spraying 2 part component paints like PPG or Dupont automotive paints, save up more money for a forced air fresh air respirator system. You'll need about $1000 for a good one, but if you're serious about spraying and going to do any amount of spraying, you'll want one, your health will thank you for it. If you are only going to do one or two guitars, you probably aren't going to want to invest in that type of paint anyway, so the carbon filter respirator will suit you fine.

Another good safety measure is a paint suit, just one of the disposables, if you're careful they last a long time, mine is a year old and needs to be replaced now. Many of these paints, like the Poly Urethanes will absorb into your skin, so you want to be covered.

I hope that answers your questions, if not, let me know :D

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