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fender s1 switch/inbanez js coil tap

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I'm not totally sure what they use, but it is different on their 2 and three pickup guitars.

Somehow they have circuitry that gives the 5 way selector one set of options and then a whole different set when the button is depressed.

You get a large array of tones, but I think it might be annoying.

Say your two favorit sounds are bridge with s1 up and Neck and middle with s1 down......would be difficult to switch while holding the whammy bar, cranking the wah-wah, and ripping through a modal arppegio line... :D

I believe it is very much different from the js coil tap which I think is simply a push/pull changing the switching from two hums with a threeway toggle to two singles with a threeway toggle.

Actually now that I think about it is similar in basic concept, but technically I think something out of the ordinary is going on inside. I'd be curious to know more if someone has one.

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uhm, from stuff i read, the JS single coil when engaged, allows the humbucker to turn into a single coils. is it possible to fully utilize this concept?

with a HSH pick up configuration, is it possible to have 26 pick up combinations?


|1|2| |3| |4|5|

1 2 3 4 5 = 5 combi

12 23 24 34 45 = 5 combi

123 1234 234 2345 345 = 5 combi

124 125 135 145 245 = 5 combi

13 134 15 235 35 = 5 combi

12345 = 1

= 26 combinations

is this possible?

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There would be even more when you consider pickups could be wired series or parallel.

1 could be wired in series to 2 and three which are wired in parallel to each other and then in series with 5

or 123 in series or 123 in parallel

See what I mean? There are a ton of combinations...more than 26.

Reasonable, the hardware we use to switch would really only allow the use of 10 of those possibilities to be wired to the switch (In the s1 circumstance)

If you had a 5 way rotary switch change the function of the 5 way selector (the rotarty would be like the s1, but with three more positions), you would effectively have 25 available sounds. but to wire this would be quite a headache without a circuit board.

In my oppinion.

I used to think I wanted all the selecting options. After years of trial I decided that I don't hear enough differences to necesitate a bunch of sounds. What I do is wire the pickups several ways until I fin 3-5 sounds that I like and then I wire those "usable" sounds onto a 3, 4, or 5 way switch. (Yes, they make a 4 way blade)

But if you want a ton of options, that is honorable as well, just wanted to give some insight to what I have found.

But there are a ton of options theoretically.

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