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Type of laquer


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Living in canada, it is impossible for me to order nitro laquer off stew mac or reranch, as flamable items cannot be brought across the border. that leaves me with stuff i can find here. I found this one clear laquer sold at Rona\Lansing (canadian hardware store) called WATCO Clear Lauqer, Gloss. Im not sure what kind of laquer it is. I don't want a water based laquer. However, certain things about lead me to beleive it might be nitro. With Giant letters on the front is says "EXTREME DANGER" with the flamable, explosive and poison symbols. it was my understanding that water based laquer was not nearly as hazardous as nitro laquer. On the back of the can, it says it contains :ethyl acetate, propane, n-butly acetate, n-butane, acetone, methyl, ethyl ketone, toluene and isopropyl alcohol. bunch of nasty stuff which leads me to beleive it might be nitro. Anyone have any Idea what kind of laquer WATCO really is? Its is manufactured in the states by TREMCO, an RPM company. Here is the website i found for it


thanks for any and all help.

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