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stupid question


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I think from the inside of shells. You ever look on the inside of a sea shell? They're shiny. So I think they scrape of the outer white part, and plane it in some way... And that's why it's called a "shell inlay"....

i remember reading it in a stew mac or something...

I'm not 100% sure of all that, maybe LGM or someone else will know fo' sho'.


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Hi guys.

Mother of pearl comes from the large Japanese ( indo pacific ) pearl oyster. Any of the pearls come from molluscs that were once living functional parts of the marine ecosystem.

Abalone is a univalve (one shell) that mainly comes from the Pacific, Calif. coast, and New Zealand (paua).

Abalone are a food animal as well.

The gold pearl, and black pearl are also pearl oysters, not "clams"

all are marine.

Pink mussel, and white river pearl come from freshwatwer streams, and have a different density shell due to the lack of minerals in fresh water.

I think there is over 225 abalone species worldwide, and most likely around the same on oysters, understand only a few are suitable for inlay purposes.

The shells are pieced out pattern wise, then cut, and leveled to get good quality blanks.

It's a complicated process I don't recommend getting into. It's also very, very unhealthy to breath in pearl dust as it is, imagine the quantity produced during slabbing..


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